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Lion Landscapes Adventures Important Notes :


  • Food and Accomodation: All the following packages are designed to be ‘bolted on’ to normal lodge safaris and are not stand alone. Lodges offering these packages will have to provide accommodation, meals, transport plus drivers and armed escort (where needed) for guests and the researcher leading the package. The research project involved will provide the expertise, the days activities and any specialised equipment needed for those activities.

  • Timings: Times given in these schedules are a rough guide only and exact timings will have to remain flexible. Different activities take different amounts of time and research work may have to be carried out further from camp than planned. Relaxation time may be lost and sometimes meals and talks may have to be done in the field.

  • Choice of activities will be responsive to the needs or the research project at the time. On one day packages a minimum of two activities will be fitted in, and others will be discussed. Where possible we can tailor activities to suit the interests of the group, with exception of  unusual activities (e.g. wildlife capture), which will only happen when needed and can NOT be guaranteed. NB, all guests should understand that nothing involving wild animals is guaranteed and large carnivores are particularly unpredictable.

  • Saftey: Every researcher working on this program will be very experienced at working safely in the environment in which guests will be taken, and will not knowingly put guests at risk. However, as with all activities with wild animals, accidents could happen and so we recommend that the lodge sends one armed scout with the guests who will ultimately be responsible for their safety. All vehicles should also be equipped with a complete first aid kit. Guests must also sign indemnity forms supplied by Wildlife Research Adventures and will be clearly informed of the potential dangers of each activity before they participate.

  • Health and fitness: Although efforts will be made to ensure that the guests have a relaxed and enjoyable time while working on these research projects, it is recommended that guests have a basic level of fitness and are capable of completing the following activities with ease.

    • Vehicle rides of two or more hours on rough roads.

    • One hour walk in hot conditions.

    • Climbing in and out of four wheel drive vehicles.

    • A whole days activities without lying down to rest.

NB. If a guest on the trip has special needs then this can usually be dealt with but the research project will have to be told in advance so a suitable schedule can be planned.

  • Age: We do not want to discourage children as they can derive huge benefit from this experience. However, it is important to understand that guests should be old enough to be able to listen carefully and follow instructions, if they are going to be taken into the field. Children who are too young to be able to do this could potentially be a danger to themselves and the rest of the guests in the field. The recommended minimum age is 6 years old, although children this young will not be taken on walks (the minimum age for walking activities is 12 years old). Parents will be responsible for their children’s behaviour and the researcher leading the safari reserves the right to abort an activity if a child’s behaviour puts themselves or other guests at risk. For Example; Lions are predators and respond to distress calls. A child crying or making excited shrieks uncontrollably will sound like potential prey!

  • Prior wildlife research experience: No scientific or research background required.

  • Clothing and equipment: Guests should be clothed suitably for the weather at the time including comfortable walking shoes. Guests choosing the half or full day adventures may be out well into the evening and so a warm clothing layer should always be carried, even when it appears to be hot. Hats and sunscreen are essential. Cameras and binoculas are highly recommended.

  • Numbers of guests: 10 guests maximum, 2-6 guests recommended. 

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