Statement about Covid-19

Dear Supporters of Lion Landscapes,

During these uncertain times, we wanted to reach out and let you know that our thoughts are with you all. Thank you for your ongoing support, and the good wishes we have received. Never before have so many people been facing the same challenge at the same time.


At Lion Landscapes we continue to keep up to date with any developments in the Covid-19 pandemic and take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of our staff and the communities and ranches we work with. We are adhering strictly to all official national and international guidelines and procedures, and setting our own protocols to ensure we safeguard the Lion Landscapes family’s well-being and safety. 

We have been educating our teams about Covid-19 by sharing information regarding the disease, and the best measures to help contain it, including the production of posters containing the basic protocols to be followed. To do this we are following the guidelines established by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local Governments.

In order to prevent further spreading of the Covid-19 virus, and in line with restrictions from the local Governments in the countries where we work, we have suspended all field activities that involve meetings of more than two people. While our normal conservation activities are restricted in this way, we will be supporting our local government approved healthcare givers to deal with the immediate needs of people in our project areas related to this pandemic.

We brace ourselves for the economic & political impact that Covid-19, and the measures taken by governments to contain it, will have. Supporting local communities to coexist with wildlife will be even more important in the difficult times ahead. We are also joining forces with our partners to look for the silver lining of this pandemic; the opportunities to better our conservation activities and the lives of the communities with whom we work.

We know that as you are reading this, you too are living through equally difficult times. We hope that this will bring people together to make decisions and changes for the good of our planet.

The Lion Landscapes Team