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Giving Season
Unlocking the value of wildlife conservation through education

Carnivore Conservation Benefitting the Next Generation

Living alongside lions and other wildlife has costs. Lion Landscapes helps make wildlife conservation valuable to local people by ensuring their presence gives children access to higher levels of education through scholarships and school feeding programmes. So far, over 80 children have received scholarships to attain an education level their families otherwise couldn't have afforded, and 1,200 children receive nutritious school meals every day because they share the landscape with lions and other wildlife. Additionally, we provide beautiful bilingual storybooks that put local children at the heart of wildlife conservation. Education unlocks a brighter future. Please help us make the conservation of lions and other large carnivores beneficial for children in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia.

Together we can give a brighter future to children from pastoral communities around Ruaha, Southern Tanzania

School feeding_Malinzanga_March_21_edited.jpg

US$10 will feed a child in school for a year

Darem_Haikya_Books_Mafuluto (4).JPG

US$25 will provide five storybooks to a school

School Feeding Oct17 (10).JPG

US$75 will feed pupils at one school for one week

Simba Scholars Exam 2018 (1).jpg

US$500 will provide a school fees scholarship for one year

Darem_Haikya_Books_Kisilwa (2).JPG

Carnivore Conservation Benefitting the Next Generation

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