Laikipia-Samburu, Kenya

The Laikipia-Samburu ecosystem in northern Kenya is home to all species of large carnivore, and supports the third largest lion population in Kenya. It is unique in that most of these carnivores live in unprotected areas shared by people and livestock. This makes this ecosystem an ideal laboratory for research into the impacts of human activities on carnivores, and for testing new innovative solutions to human-carnivore conflict. Lion Landscapes’ founding director, Alayne, has been working in this project site since 2003. Current activities listed here have been ongoing since 2014.


Our partners in the Laikipia-Samburu ecosystem are: Kenya Wildlife Services, local livestock owners, Ewaso Lions, Loisaba Conservancy, Borana, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, University of California Santa Cruz, University of Oxford Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Savannah Tracking, Chris Vargas and the University of Notre Dame Dept of Computer Science, Living with Lions and Carbon Visuals.

Science and Data

We are currently working with academic institutions and fellow lion conservation organisations on the following research projects. Our focus is to better understand the challenges large carnivores face living in landscapes shared with humans and their livestock. This allows us to inform large carnivore conservation and management in important Lion Landscapes. Lion Landscapes’ role in both these projects is advising on project design, field data collection and management, and assisting with data analysis and publication.

Innovation and Tech

We are currently working with two conservation enterprises to help develop effective and affordable technologies that reduce human-wildlife conflict. Lion Landscapes provides the primary field testing and feedback for these technologies in large carnivore areas.

Lion Landscapes

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