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Lion Landscapes Scouts Program

Capacity building of partners on the ground

Lion Landscapes Scouts are dedicated persons on the ground, selected from  in partner organisations


Local partners will benefit from having their staff trained and equipped so they have a dedicated person on the ground who they can turn to for lion related information at no additional cost. This is particularly useful for areas with lodges. Lion Landscapes, and lion conservation in general, will benefit from receiving on-going good quality lion and other wildlife related data, and helping to increase partner capacity to resolve lion related conservation issues.

The scouts of the Lion Landscapes Scout Program will support our Collaring for Coexistence Program on the ground.


Personnel from each local partner will be selected by the partner to be trained by Lion Landscapes. 



These partner personnel get a three-day training course (and regular refresher training) teaching them about large carnivore ecology, and how to do the following:

  • Recognising lion tracks and signs

  • Age, sex, and individually ID lions using whisker spot patterns

  • Radio track collared animals and use a GPS

  • Respond to human-lion conflict

  • Collect specific data on conflict and lion pride compositions (including filling in data forms and using Cyber Tracker and SMART)

  • Take part in wildlife surveys


Then what?

At the end of the course, LL scouts receive a certificate and LL scout patches to sew on to their uniforms. They are also equipped with a GPS and a phone (provided by LL), which includes Cyber Tracker and the SMART forms needed. Additionally, they join a WhatsApp group where all the LL scouts communicate, receive the ongoing support they need, help each other to problem solve, and share relevant lion related information. LL Lion scouts become  the key persons in our partner organisations who respond to livestock-lion conflict incidents on the ground and collect valuable data for informing ongoing conservation efforts.

How can you help:

Lion Landscapes are raising funds to equip and train more scouts for this program in Kenya and Zambia.


Lion Landscapes


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