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As part of our work to provide better educational opportunities as a local benefit from wildlife presence, we have equipped primary schools through the Kids4Cats programme, and enabled promising students to complete secondary school through our Simba Scholarships. However, when we started implementing the entrance examination for the Simba Scholarship we were surprised how poorly many students did. etc etc

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Community boma training: protect livestock through constructing predator-proof bomas.

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Community Coexistence Courses train the communities on:

  • How to better protect their livestock through constructing predator-proof bomas (livestock corrals)

  • Improving daytime herding practices

  • Improving livestock management.

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We also recognize that community groups, village elders and government workers typically do not understand the impact of individual poisoning incidents and have little idea about how to respond if a poisoning occurs in their area.

Poisoning Awareness Topics:

  • Hazards associated with using poisons and secondary poisoning

  • Signs and symptoms of wildlife poisoning

  • Basic information on chemicals commonly used

  • Personal safety and basic equipment required

  • Decontaminating a poisoning site

Collecting samples from wildlife poisoning

Each course is a full day and care is taken to include a mix of community members (sexes, age groups and social standing) and include local healthcare workers wherever possible. This approach has already been shown to be an effective way of changing behaviours.

Results of the programme

  • 1500 people in the Communities have been trained

  • 99% of trainees said poisoning declined in their communities after training

  • 660 Predator Proof Boma's have been built

  • 27 Vultures have been tracked

Photo: Ami Vitale

Photo: Ami Vitale

Training Nolare Community Training
Ndaragua community practical training

Programme Partners (if relevant to the programme): 


The Peregrine Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Tusk Trust, Houston Zoo, San Diego Zoo Global, Living With Lions, KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service), Save the Elephants, Will's Africa Trust, University of Oxford WildCRU, Loisaba Conservancy, Sosian Ranch, Suyian Ranch, Mugie Conservancy.