Laikipia-Samburu, Kenya

The Laikipia-Samburu ecosystem in northern Kenya is home to all species of large carnivore, and supports the third largest lion population in Kenya. It is unique in that most of these carnivores live in unprotected areas shared by people and livestock. This makes this ecosystem an ideal laboratory for research into the impacts of human activities on carnivores, and for testing new innovative solutions to human-carnivore conflict. Lion Landscapes’ founding director, Alayne, has been working in this project site since 2003. Current activities listed here have been ongoing since 2014.

Lower Zambezi and Luangwa Valley, Zambia

The lower Zambezi and Luangwa Valley system is one of 10 remaining strongholds for lions on the planet. It is an area that still has the potential to support viable populations of large carnivores into the future and yet deforestation and poaching are threatening much of the area. New and innovative land management approaches are needed to secure this area for wildlife and improve the livelihoods of local people. We started our work in this area in June 2016.


All aspects of our projects are carried out in collaboration with one or more of our partners. Collaboration is central to the way we work, and projects are designed and implemented with our partners from beginning to end.

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