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Save wild lions. Promote Co-existence. Support our Lion Rangers. Lion conservation Africa.

There are approximately24,000
wild lions in Africa today.
Down from 200,000 a century ago.

If we don’t help to protect the landscapes that lions live in, then their ability to support wildlife and people will continue to be eroded. Conserving healthy, biodiverse ecosystems are important not just for wildlife but for local communities and the global population too.

Save wild lions.
Promote Co-existence.

Key threats to lions and other large carnivores:

  • Habitat destruction and fragmentation

  • Loss of wild prey

  • Persecution in retaliation for killing livestock

  • Illegal hunting and poaching



    Key challenges in carnivore conservation:

  • Lack of collaboration between key stakeholders; available resources for conservation are often used inefficiently due to a lack of collaboration between key stakeholders working in the same landscape.

  • Misallocation of funding; available resources are often allocated on the basis of emotional rather than data-based decisions.

  • Lack of a sustainability in current conservation models; most wildlife areas do not create enough value (e.g. from toursim or other wildlife based income) to support local communities and and ongoing conservation efforts.

  • Recent peer reviewed surveys estimate that there are as little as 24,000 lions living in the wild in Africa today, almost half of which are surviving in non-protected rangelands shared with humans.

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