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Coexistence Co-op

The Coexistence Co-op is a joint initiative between Lion Landscapes and The Peregrine Fund, working in collaboration with local conservation partners and communities to reduce livestock killing by lions and stop retaliatory poisoning that particularly threatens vultures.

Our holistic education, training and conflict management programme works directly with livestock owners to build their capacity to prevent livestock depredation, and to address the widespread issue of wildlife poisoning through a One Health approach that emphasises rapid response. At the foundation of this new initiative are our Lion Rangers and Community Coexistence Training programmes, which are supported by our Collaring for Coexistence Programme.

Lion rangers tracking

The heroes on the ground who save wild lions by helping local communities to better protect their livestock, prevent human-wildlife conflict and assist when incidences occur. 

Lion rangers tracking

Training to reduce the incidences of poisoning by informing local communities about the human and livestock health risks of using poison, run by The Peregrine Fund.

Lion rangers tracking

Provides conservation livestock owners with real-time lion movement information from GPS collars via a mobile phone app and testing new technologies that protect livelihoods and lions.

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