Team Lion Landscapes

Esther Alula


Hannah Campbell

Grant Manager

Amber Cowans

Communications Assistant

Ana Grau Valenciano

Senior Researcher

Fiona Jennings

PA to Dr Amy Dickman

Neema Malula

Research Assistant

Nyasatu Mkaka

Research Assistant

Jennifer Nyuambura

Field Camp Manager & Cook

Charlotte Searle

Senior Researcher

Stephano Asecheka

Human-Wildlife Conflict Manager

Nicola Carruthers

Field Ecologist

Bora Daudi


Monica Gujral


Antonia Leckie

MSc Student

Huruma Mbugi

Research Assistant

Thomas Mojong

Conservation Officer

Alayne Oriol Cotterill

Lion Landscapes Joint CEO

Paolo Strampelli

Senior Researcher

Glen Behr

Field Operations Manager

BenJee Cascio

Senior Researcher

Amy Dickman

Lion Landscapes Joint CEO

Juliana Gwandu


Susan Lentaam

GIS & SMART technician

Aman Mgaya

Field Operations Manager

Wiston Mtandamo

Research Assistant

Joni Overbosch


Mary Burak

PhD candidate

Elias Charles

Field Assistant

Darwin Gakenia

Community Enterprise Officer

Michele Jady

Finance Administrator

Boniface Lowoi

Lion Ranger Coordinator

Luckman Mgovano

Driver & Mechanic

Menina Nightingale


Justine Robert

Research Assistant

Laikipia Lion Ranger Units

Ol Maisor Ranch

Lewa Conservancy

Loisaba Conservancy

Karisia Lion Rangers

Mugie Conservancy

Borana Conservancy

Sosian Ranch

El Karama Ranch

Mpala Research Centre and Foundation

Ruaha HWC Units

Lion Defenders

Conflict Officers

Community Camera Trapping officers

Community Scouts Zambia

Board of Trustees:

Josep Oriol Bosch

Managing Partner Okavanga Capital Partners

Prof. Dr. David Macdonald

Director of WildCRU Oxford University

Dr. Mark Stanley-Price

Senior research associate at WildCRU Oxford University

Maureen Meeng

Advisory Committee:

Dr. Lyman McDonald

Chief Scientific Advisor; Founder and Board of Directors of Western Ecosystems Technology

Dr. Matthew Mutinda

Kenya Wildlife Service veterinarian

Nadine Feyder

Ol Jogi Conservancy