Team Lion Landscapes

Board of Trustees:

Josep Oriol Bosch

Managing Partner Okavanga Capital Partners

Prof. Dr. David Macdonald

Director of WildCRU Oxford University

Dr. Mark Stanley-Price

senior research associate at WildCRU Oxford University

Advisory Committee:

Dr. Lyman McDonald

(Chief Scientific Advisor; Founder and Board of Directors of Western Ecosystems Technology)

Dr. Matthew Mutinda

(Kenya Wildlife Service veterinarian)

Nadine Feyder

(Ol Jogi Conservancy)

Dr Alayne Oriol Cotterill.jpg

Lion Landscapes Joint CEO, Director LL Kenya & LL Zambia

Dr. Alayne Oriol Cotterill

Alayne has worked in Southern and East Africa since 1991, developing successful community-based projects promoting co-existence between people and large carnivores. Alayne's extensive field experience, building diverse teams to tackle varied conservation challenges, has positioned her as a unique leader and conservation strategist.

Dr Amy Dickman.jpg

Lion Landscapes Joint CEO, Director Ruaha Carnivore Project

Dr. Amy Dickman

Amy Dickman has worked in Africa for over 20 years, specialising in human-carnivore conflict and community-based conservation.  She has published over 80 papers and book chapters on large carnivore conservation, is a National Geographic Explorer and has won international awards for her conservation work.

Glen Behr, Field Operations Manager (Laikipia, Kenya)

Field Operations Manager (Laikipia)

Glen Behr

Glen is a fourth generation Kenyan, who grew up on a cattle ranch in the Rift Valley, Kenya. He was a Professional Safari Guide and joined Lion Landscapes - Laikipia early 2020 and coordinates and manages all activities in the field. He loves being a part of the Lion Landscapes team and is passionate about helping to mitigate human-wildlife conflict within communities and assisting conservancies/cattle ranches similar to the one he grew up on.

Thomas Mojong, Conservation & Research Officer

Conservation Officer (Laikipia)

Thomas Mojong

Thomas is a Kenyan national from Northern Kenya. He has been with Lion Landscapes since the organisation started. He is responsible for collecting field data for Lion Landscapes and visiting PhD students, tracking and monitoring lions, and working tirelessly to protect lions and livestock on a daily basis. His extensive experience means he now trains and supports the Lion Ranger units to do the same.


Field Ecologist (Zambia)

Nicola (Nicky) Carruthers

Nicola is a Zambian ecologist working in the Lower Luangwa, where she lives with her partner and son. She started out as a fire and rangeland ecologist; now she implement the biodiversity monitoring programmes that Lion Landscapes, and our partners, run in Zambia.
Nicola believes bottom-up community natural resources use & management, and holistic agricultural practices are key to sustainable habitat and wildlife conservation in Zambia, which simultaneously address climate change and poverty alleviation.

GIS and SMART technician (Laikipia)

Susan Lentaam

Susan is from Wamba (Samburu East) – a very remote area in Kenya. She works as an assistant conservation officer at Loisaba, focusing on SMART (our monitoring and reporting tool that our security rangers use) and Lion Monitoring in partnership with Lion Landscapes. 

Lion Ranger Coordinator (Laikipia, Kenya)

Lion Ranger Coordinator (Laikipia)

Boniface Lowoi

Boniface Lowoi has joined the Lion Landscapes Team as Lion Ranger Coordinator.  He combines this role with his work as ranger on Loisaba. His role asl Lion Ranger Coordinator involves communication with the Lion Ranger teams across Laikipia, help with refresher training and SMART troubleshooting. He speaks Samburu, Swahili, English and some Turkana. This means that Boniface has the ability to communicate with local communities in especially difficult situations.

Lion Ranger Unit Loisaba

Loisaba Lion Ranger Unit

Peterson Leboo

Omar Ekai

Peter Echuu Lokadeli

Boniface Ekiru Lowoi

Didi Benjamin Lesalaja

Jackson Edapal Lopeyok

Lion Ranger Unit El Karama.

El Karama Lion Ranger Unit

Joel Kiprotich

James Mutua

John Mwindi

Hassan Wako

Japhet Dena

David Mburu

John Tapenguria

Evans Koech

Jackson Kombo

Justus Katuta

Lion Ranger Certificates presented by El Karama Guides.

El Karama Guides

The El Karama guides have undergone Lion Ranger training and will be helping us to collect valuable data while they guide

Joseph Kaluu

Lovii Maritim

Polycarp Gitu

Andrew Lelei

Patrick Mwongera

Robinson Omungasi

Bobby Mteu

Lion Ranger Unit Mugie.

Mugie Lion Ranger Unit

Gidion Lokadangoi

John Elain

John Lekitangwa

Lopusidia Amuron

George Depaloi

Patrick Nyenze

Lion Ranger Unit Mpala.

Mpala Lion Ranger Unit

Daniel Tirajo Lemetiake
David Parkussa Katarua
Dennis Saruni Lemboikai
Pernick Leyiangere
Philip Lomuruti Adan
Yaro Manyaas

Ol Maisor Lion Rangers.jpg

Ol Maisor Lion Ranger Unit

Ezekiel Etan Emaler

James Ekomwa Lekarangwa

Jimmy Naurani Tom

Thomas Lorot Esuron

Josephat Narumbe Nakimati

Nicholas Nakua

Sosian Lion Rangers Unit.

Sosian Ranger Unit

George Lorinyo
James Erunye
Simon Awoikal

Lewa Lion Rangers Unit.

Lewa Lion Ranger Unit

Simion Lerantilei

Saibala Gilicho

Dickson Mure

Francis Kobia

Borana Lion Rangers Unit.

Borana Lion Ranger Unit

Wilson Sambaine

Kiloko Ramson

Isaiah Sempeyian

Nelson Kinyaga

Samuel Kisio

Tigit Tema

Karisia Lion Rangers Team.jpg

Karisia Lion Ranger Unit

Lgobor Lemiraa

Moi Olkushine

Meitiaki Kirikirie

Nanguyo Lenganei

Johona Larpei

Ali Mohamud Korio

Gabriel Ewoi

Jennifer Nyambura, Field site manager Kenya

Field site manager, Kenya

Jennifer Nyambura

Jennifer is a Kenyan national who has spent many years in the Laikipia area.  Jennifer manages the Lion Landscape basecamp. She ensures all LL staff and guests at basecamp are well taken care of.

Maureen Meeng, Fundraising & Development Lion Landscapes.

Fundraising & Development

Maureen Meeng

Maureen has over 25 years of management and commercial experience in Media and Publishing in both large companies and start-ups in Europe and Africa. During her years in Kenya she met Alayne and is delighted to use her skills to set up and run the development and fundraising strategy for Lion Landscapes together with Alyane. She welcomes any discussion with individual or corporate sponsors and will find a solution for any of your requests.


PhD candidate at Yale University

Mary Burak

Mary is conducting research alongside Lion Landscapes Kenya. Together, they are investigating lion gene flow and connectivity. Mary’s interests span human-wildlife interactions, wildlife genetics and connectivity, and balancing grey-green infrastructure.

Antonia Leckie, Conservation Biologist (Laikipia, Kenya).

MSc Student at University of Nottingham

Antonia Leckie

Antonia Leckie is a Kenyan, brought up with a passion for conservation and a love of being on safari. This FGASA qualified scientist is now taking her next step towards a career in conservation research by doing a Masters of Research, Biosciences, at the University of Nottingham, conducting research alongside Lion Landscapes Kenya.