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Collaring for Coexistence

Using technology to restore coexistence

Long term research has shown us that conflict between lions and people can be effectively managed by collaring and monitoring lion movements, and giving livestock owners access to real time lion movement data.

Lions that have killed livestock, or that spend time in high risk areas, are fitted with a satellite GPS collar that regularly transmits the location of the lion to Lion Landscapes staff and project partners via a web based platform.  Livestock owners that do not have direct access to lion movement data are warned when lions are near by Lion Extension Officers or Lion Rangers. Lion movement data allows people to be proactive and keep their livestock away from lions, or increase their protection of livestock when lions are near.

Why does collaring lions help protect lions and local livelihoods? 

  • It provides the basis of our ongoing research efforts to reduce human-lion conflict.

  • It warns us when a lion moves into a potentially dangerous area and allows us to respond before the lions kill livestock.

  • It allows us to keep livestock owners informed of lion locations so that they are able to keep their livestock away from lions.

All this makes lions less likely to kill livestock and people less likely to respond to livestock loss by killing the lion.

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