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Community Camera Trapping Plus

Incentivising conservation actions 

Our Community Camera Trapping (CCT) has been successful at improving tolerance for wildlife on community land, but wider threats still exist, such as people putting down poison or snares, or killing wildlife rather than using non-lethal ways to reduce conflict. To address these wider threats, we have worked with communities to expand the CCT programme into wider conservation agreements, known as Community Camera Trapping Plus (CCT+). 

In these agreements, Lion Landscapes and the communities agree on a set of conservation-friendly actions, such as reinforcing livestock enclosures, and a set of conservation-unfriendly actions, such as poisoning wildlife. The community gains rewards for each conservation-friendly action recorded, and loses them for each unfriendly one. The Community Camera Trapping remains central to this programme, as the community receives more rewards if it records more wildlife on the camera-traps on its land.

This is all co-designed and recorded between the project and

Community member signing CCT agreement

the communities, with all actions monitored and reported back in a transparent manner. It incentivises the communities to identify conservation threats which can be tackled locally, and gives them a real reason to work together to reduce those threats. Overall, this programme provides tangible, additional support for communities, while also incentivising effective, appropriate conservation actions at a local level. 

Wild animals captured by CCT+ and benefits distribution

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