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Biodiversity credits

The major drivers of decline in lion and other large carnivore numbers are:

  • widespread habitat loss

  • extensive prey base depletion, and

  • indiscriminate killings.


Their fate is closely aligned to our ability to restore and protect large healthy ecosystems, where large carnivore conservation is valued by the people living alongside them.

The large-scale growth of nature-based solution markets (e.g. carbon and biodiversity credits) provides a major opportunity to generate significant revenue streams for conservation and communities. Lion Landscapes are working with partners at Oxford University’s WildCRU, Natural State and Trans Kalahari Predator Project, to develop innovative financing mechanisms tied to verified biodiversity conservation impact. Using lions as a flagship species, these mechanisms have the potential to tilt the balance and make nature conservation valuable for local and global communities.

This project is in the early stages of development - watch this space!

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