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Vacancies at Lion Landscapes

Community Officer (Laikipia, Kenya)

Application deadline: 15 October 2023 

Lion Landscapes' vision is a world where people and viable populations of lions (and other large carnivores) coexist and thrive. We aim to achieve this by creating successful lion landscapes - landscapes that support viable populations of wild lions and other pinnacle carnivore species. To do this it must also support healthy wild prey populations, healthy habitat, and benefit local people. Our lion conservation and research work focuses on how local communities, their livestock and lions can co-exist. Our three-pronged approach works to stop the loss of lions and other wildlife, reduce the cost of wildlife presence for local people, and unlock the value of living with wildlife.


The successful candidate will be a highly motivated, hands‐on, collaborative individual with experience of and a passion for working with communities. They will have a firm knowledge and understanding of Laikipia’s layout and the structure of communities, coupled with energy and enthusiasm to spend at least half of their time in the field. You will report to the Operations Manager and Community Project Manager. The main duties involved in this post are listed below.


This is a developing role; therefore, there may be additional roles and responsibilities added to your job description at the discretion of the Ops Manager and Community Project Manager. Your role would include but not be limited to:



  • Financial Awareness Training
    Development, organisation and implementation of Financial Awareness Training workshops to groups (Men & Women), working alongside key government officials and other partners and stakeholders to ensure efficiency of programmes. Meeting with key financial institutions to understand what they have to offer and ensuring all possible Saccos (offering key community requirements) are offered through the Financial Awareness Training. Ensure all meetings are minuted and all trainings input into KOBO collect. 
    Monitoring of the financial awareness training groups and groups handed over to recommended Saccos.

  • School Conservation programmes/Wildlife Clubs
    The Community Officer may be required to implement programmes for school engagements to provide education and knowledge for ongoing community work (i.e Rangeland regeneration, Predator Proof Bomas, Financial Awareness, DVD showings etc)

  • Community outreach and engagement
    Maintain positive relationships with traditional leaders in their community, regularly meeting and keeping them updated with the programmes.

  • DVD Viewings
    The community officer may be required to run DVD viewings within communities and schools alongside other Lion Landscapes staff.


  • Predator Proof Boma Programme
    Organisation and implementation of PPB (Predator Proof Boma) demos. Establish new and maintain current relationships with key store holders within areas of working who would stock and sell PPB materials to community members. Ensure a PPB map is created and frequently updated on the same. Collect and update KOBO form with all PPB store prices and follow up on a monthly basis to ensure all changes of prices are updated. Ensure all PPB demos are logged into KOBO collect whilst at the demo site, collecting all necessary details. Work alongside the LL team to establish the most efficient ways to get the PPB material message across to the communities, ensuring all communities have access to a store within their area or close to their area where the materials can be purchased. Monitor number of enquiries and sales with store holders selling PPB materials, log these details into the correct Google document.

  • Lion Friendly Certification and Development
    Ensure all partners are following the certification requirements, collection of necessary metrics. Regular monitoring of Rangeland Regeneration sites and reporting/feedback on the same, ensuring messaging is correct. Keeping an eye on partners we work with to ensure we have all key training/demonstrations etc. 

  • Market Analysis

  • Analysing and reporting on the current and potential market for Livestock within Laikipia on a quarterly basis. Establishing market prices for both the premium and local market along with the pricing criteria. Establishing market preference for livestock and why. Establishing market seasonality, whether there are high and low seasons in the meat industry; in order to maximise sales and demand for livestock. 


The Community Officer will be expected to attend weekly meetings with the Operations Manager and other key project staff, to review the previous week’s activities and produce work plans for the following week against longer-term targets and project requirements. 

  • Reporting
    The Community Officer will need to submit a weekly report on progress for themselves against agreed work plans, and any additional relevant information and activities carried out during the previous week through the KOBO collect reporting form.

  • Project external communication
    The Community Officer will ensure images are captured of work in the field, providing regular information/stories, with accompanying photographs and uploaded into the correct forum, ensuring the project’s communications team have regular updates for all Lion Landscapes supporters. 

  • Management of equipment
    The Community Officer should ensure the proper care of all equipment and vehicles allocated to themselves and report all losses, breakages, maintenance requests or new equipment requirements immediately to the Operations Manager, Community Project Manager and Project Administrator.

  • Financial management
    The Community Officer will be responsible for submitting all expenditure requests for themselves to the Operations Manager in good time and submitting all receipts via the Field Operations WhatsApp group at the time of payment. The Community Officer will be required to ensure they stay below all specific budget allocations. All hard copies of the receipts should be submitted to the Project Administrator. 

  • Data collection and management
    The Community Officer will collect all data using phone-based systems to ensure all data is recorded successfully in a centralised database. The Community Officer will be required to work with the Data management team to ensure all forms are up-to-date and any technicalities are resolved swiftly. 
    The Community Officer will ensure all contact details for any partners, stakeholders and key leaders are updated in the Google drive folder. 



  • Experience of at least 2 years working with communities

  • Experience working in pastoralist communities

  • Computer literate with all Microsoft office programs, firm understanding of Google Suite.

  • Knowledge and understanding of Laikipia Layout and structure of communities

  • People’s person, passionate about community work, energetic & enthusiastic, team player

  • Willing to live and work in remote field locations (with at least half of the time being spent out in the field)

  • Valid driving & motorbike license required.

  • Fluent in Kiswahili and English

  • Preferred: knowledge of financial institution (Saccos, table banking, merry go round etc)


Application Process:

Top apply please use the form below. Upload your application letter of no more than one page setting out your suitability and relevant experience, availability time frame, together with a copy of your CV and any supporting documents. Please ensure you include at least two referees in your CV.  Alternatively send an email with all required documents  to Apply on or before the 15th October 2023

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

The gross salary for the Community Officer position will be communicated directly to shortlisted candidates only

Application Form

Do you have a valid driving & motorbike license?
Do you have at least 2 years experience working with communities? Specify how many years please.
Do you have knowledge and understanding of Laikipia Layout and structure of communities?
Are you willing to live and work in remote field locations (with at least half of the time being spent out in the field)?
Upload Application Letter
Upload Copy of CV
Upload Other

Thanks for submitting. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Recruitment fraud notice

Lion Landscapes is aware that people are being contacted with fake offers of employment, internship, or volunteer positions and are warning the public about these employment-related scams. These scams are designed to trick you into handing over money or personal information while applying for a purported new job.

Lion Landscapes will never ask you to pay for a job interview. Nor do we ask you to share personal information (bank account for example) in advance of an interview. 

If you receive one of these messages, do not open any links, do not make a payment and do not provide any personal or financial details. If you are unsure a message is legitimate, contact us to verify.

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