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Increase the Benefits

Generating tangible benefits from wildlife presence

Wildlife generates economic and other benefits nationally and globally. However, most people living closest to wildlife and bearing the greatest costs, don’t see enough real benefits from its presence. This reduces their desire to have wild animals, particularly dangerous species, on their land, and can make people more likely to kill wildlife. 

Our approach

We listen to local communities to find out which benefits they would most like to see from wildlife presence, and then work with them to develop programmes to help deliver and fund those. 

In order to stop the loss, we: 

With our partners we have achieved the following across our landscapes:

Distributed nearly
US$ 90,000
worth of

to over
18,000 people

Provided nutritious
meals to

1200 primary school children


14 schools
and provided

53 full-time educational scholarships

Provided supplies
and support to 

13 local

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