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Lion Landscapes Impact Report 2021 - 2022

This has been a fantastic year for Lion Landscapes. It has been over two years since we first had the idea of merging the original Lion Landscapes with the Ruaha Carnivore Project, and it is safe to say that we had no idea how much work it would actually entail! The whole team has dedicated countless hours to setting up new formal entities, both in-country and in the UK, as well as developing new structures for the whole organisation, to streamline our work and make it more effective. This year we also finished our strategic plan for the new Lion Landscapes, supported throughout by the amazing Maliasili. That was a great process for bringing everyone together to develop a shared vision for what we can achieve long-term. Overall, this has been a huge challenge for such a small team, and we could not have done it without the passion and dedication of every single team member, in the field and beyond.

This streamlined, more coordinated organisation is already bearing fruit. During this year, we have shared programmes across our collective sites, really helping us better understand the challenges and benefits of adapting conservation approaches to different places. Examples include our community camera-trapping, anti-poisoning training and community film nights, and it has been wonderful to see these efforts start to scale up. That’s not to say it has been easy, or that everything has worked - conservation all too often involves challenges and failures more than successes. These issues aren’t talked about nearly enough, and given the value we place on transparency and honesty at Lion Landscapes, this year we have included a specific section on this in the report.

Despite the challenges, we are confident that our collective efforts will only strengthen over time, and that we will continue to see positive impacts for both wildlife and people. None of this would have been possible without the input and support from so many of our partners and supporters around the world, and we are excited to share the continued journey with you.


Best wishes,


Alayne Cotterill and Amy Dickman, CEOs

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