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School feeding

Students are performing better in their national examination at standard seven in three schools in rural Tanzania due to support in the form of meals. These primary school children, who come from communities that live alongside wildlife in the Ruaha landscape, often walk long distances to school and lunch is not automatically provided - placing an extra burden on family finances - so the children often go without meals for the entire day.

Providing fortified porridge to 1,500+ primary school children across three primary schools daily is one of the incentives Lion Landscapes has created to unlock the value of living alongside wildlife in the Ruaha landscape. It delivers a clear community benefit, and has important positive impacts in terms of not only reducing child hunger, but also increasing school attendance (as families know their children would get at least one good meal a day) and improving student performance in their national examination. 

Support our work

Donate to support local communities and conserve wildlife for future generations. Thank you!

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