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Peer-reviewed Publications

Spotted hyaena population density across habitat and land use types in southern Tanzania

Journal of Zoology (2023)

Spotted hyana

CE Searle, P Strampelli, JB Smit, L Mkuburo, F Mathews, H Kiwango, DW Macdonald, AJ Loveridge, AJ Dickman

Communications Earth & Environment volume 4, Article number: 302 (2023)

Spotted hyana

Samantha K. Nicholson, Amy Dickman, Amy Hinks, Jason Riggio, Hans Bauer, Andrew Loveridge, Matthew Becker, Colleen Begg, Shivani Bhalla, Dawn Burnham, Alayne Cotterill, Stephanie Dolrenry, Egil Dröge, Paul Funston, Leela Hazzah, Dennis Ikanda, Fikirte Gebresenbet, Philipp Henschel, Roseline L. Mandisodza-Chikerema, Moreangels Mbizah, Luke Hunter, Kim Jacobsen, Peter Lindsey, Nakedi Maputla, Ewan Macdonald, David W. Macdonald, Resson Kantai Duff, Craig Packer, Claudio Sillero-Zubiri, Tutilo Mudumba, Paolo Strampelli, Etotépé A. Sogbohossou, Peter Tyrrell & Andrew P. Jacobson 

Ecological Solutions and Evidence; Volume 4, Issue 3 July–September 2023, e12276

Spotted hyana

Mary K. Burak, Femke Broekhuis, Amy Dickman, Steven Ekwanga, Nicholas Elliot, Laurence Frank, Alayne Oriol-Cotterill, Terrie M. Williams, Christopher C. Wilmers, Oswald Schmitz

Trophy hunting is not one big thing

Biodiversity and Conservation, 32, pages 2149–2153 (2023)

Trophy hunting

Darragh Hare, Hüseyin Ambarlı, Amy J Dickman, Egil Dröge, Mohammad S Farhidinia, Paul J Johnson, Munib Khanyari, Rose Mandisodza-Chikerema, Robert A Montgomery, Chris Sutherland, Hugh Webster & Matthew Wijers 

Hunting trophy import bans proposed by the UK may be ineffective and inequitable as conservation policies in multiple social-ecological contexts

Conservation Letters, e12935 (2023)

Trophy hunting

Douglas A. Clark, Peadar Brehony, Amy Dickman, Lee Foote, Adam G. Hart, Charles Jonga, Moreangels M. Mbiza, Dilys Roe, Chris Sandbrook

Index-based large carnivore population density and abundance estimates for the Ruaha-Rungwa conservation complex in Tanzania

People and Nature, Volume 4, Issue 5, Pages 1263-1278 (2022)

large carnivores

Paolo Strampelli, Philipp Henschel, Charlotte E. Searle, Alex Loiruk Lobora, Halima Kiwango, David W. Macdonald, Amy J. Dickman

Anthropogenic risk increases night-time activities and associations in African elephants (Loxodonta africana) in the Ruaha-Rungwa ecosystem, Tanzania

African Journal of EcologyVolume 61, Issue1, Pages 64-76 (2023)


Josephine B. Smit, Charlotte E. Searle, Hannah M. Buchanan-Smith, Paolo Strampelli, Lameck Mkuburo, Victor A. Kakengi, Edward M. Kohi, Amy J. Dickman, Phyllis C. Lee

Plos One, January 20, 2023

large carnivores

Paolo Strampelli, Philipp Henschel, Charlotte E. Searle, David W. Macdonald, Amy J. Dickman

Oryx, 2023


C Searle, Paolo Strampelli, L Haule, S Parsais, K Olesyapa, N Salum, D Ikanda, S Mtoka, G Hape, D Mathayo, M Elisa, A Dickman

Habitat use of and threats to African large carnivores in a mixed-use landscape

Conservation Biology, e13943 (2022)

large carnivores

Paolo Strampelli, Philipp Henschel, Charlotte E Searle, David W Macdonald, Amy J Dickman

Trends and biases in African large carnivore population assessments: identifying priorities and opportunities from a systematic review of two decades of research

PeerJ, e14354 (2022)

large carnivores

Paolo Strampelli, Liz AD Campbell, Philipp Henschel, Samantha K Nicholson, David W Macdonald, Amy J Dickman

Shepherding Sub-Saharan Africa's Wildlife Through Peak Anthropogenic Pressure Toward a Green Anthropocene

Annual Review of Environment and Resources, Volume 47, Issue 1, Pages 91-121

Spotted hyana

Peter A Lindsey, SH Anderson, A Dickman, P Gandiwa, S Harper, AB Morakinyo, N Nyambe, M O'Brien-Onyeka, C Packer, AH Parker, AS Robson, Alice Ruhweza, EA Sogbohossou, KW Steiner, PN Tumenta

An experimental game to examine pastoralists' preferences for human–lion coexistence strategies

People and Nature, Volume 4, Issue 5, Pages 1263-1278 (2022)

Spotted hyana

Rebecca Sargent, O. Sarobidy Rakotonarivo, Stephen P. Rushton, BenJee Cascio ,Ana Grau, Andrew R. Bell, Nils Bunnefeld, Amy Dickman, Marion Pfeifer

Towards equitable conservation: social capital, fear and livestock loss shape perceived benefit from a protected area

Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 319, Pages 115676 (2022)

Spotted hyana

BG Parker, KS Jacobsen, JA Vucetich, AJ Dickman, AJ Loveridge, DW Macdonald

Understanding nuanced preferences for carnivore conservation: To know them is not always to love them

Global Ecology and Conservation, Volume 37, e02150 (2022)

large carnivores

DW Macdonald, PJ Johnson, D Burnham, A Dickman, A Hinks, C Sillero-Zubiri, EA Macdonald

Keeping hunting bans on target

Conservation Biology, Volume 36, Issue 4 (2022)

Trophy hunting

Hugh Webster, Amy Dickman, Adam Hart, Dilys Roe

What is a lion worth to local people – Quantifying of the costs of living alongside a top predator

Global Ecology and Conservation, Volume 37, e02150 (2022)

Spotted hyana

Kim S Jacobsen, Erlend Dancke Sandorf, Andrew J Loveridge, Amy J Dickman, Paul J Johnson, Susana Mourato, Davide Contu, David W Macdonald

Intergenerational inequity: stealing the joy and benefits of nature from our children

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2022, P28 (2022)


Matt W Hayward, Ninon FV Meyer, Niko Balkenhol, Chad T Beranek, Cassandra K Bugir, Kathleen V Bushell, Alex Callen, Amy J Dickman, Andrea S Griffin, Peter M Haswell, Lachlan G Howell, Christopher A Jordan, Kaya Klop-Toker, Remington J Moll, Robert A Montgomery, Tutilo Mudumba, Liudmila Osipova, Stéphanie Périquet, Rafael Reyna-Hurtado, William J Ripple, Lilian P Sales, Florian J Weise, Ryan R Witt, Peter A Lindsey

Camera trapping and spatially explicit capture–recapture for the monitoring and conservation management of lions: Insights from a globally important population in Tanzania

Ecological Solutions and Evidence, Volume 3, e12129 (2022)

Spotted hyana

Paolo Strampelli, Charlotte E. Searle, Josephine B. Smit, Philipp Henschel, Lameck Mkuburo, Dennis Ikanda, David W. Macdonald, Amy J. Dickman

Exploring the connections between giraffe skin disease and lion predation

Journal of Zoology, Volume 316, P49-60 (2022)

Spotted hyana

AB Muneza, DW Linden, MH Kimaro, AJ Dickman, DW Macdonald, GJ Roloff, MW Hayward, RA Montgomery

Threat analysis for more effective lion conservation

Oryx, Volume 56, p. 108-115 (2022)

Spotted hyana

Hans Bauer, Amy Dickman, Guillaume Chapron, Alayne Oriol-Cotterill, Samantha K Nicholson, Claudio Sillero-Zubiri, Luke Hunter, Peter Lindsey, David W Macdonald

Fostering Coexistence Between People and Large Carnivores in Africa: Using a Theory of Change to Identify Pathways to Impact and Their Underlying Assumptions

Frontiers in Conservation Science, 24 January 2022

large carnivores

Sarah M. Durant, Agnese Marino, John D. C. Linnell, Alayne Oriol-Cotterill, Stephanie Dloniak, Stephanie Dolrenry, Paul Funston, Rosemary J. Groom, Lise Hanssen, Jane Horgan1, Dennis Ikanda, Audrey Ipavec, Bernard Kissui, Laly Lichtenfeld, J. Weldon McNutt, Nicholas Mitchell, Elizabeth Naro, Abdoulkarim Samna and Gidey Yirga

Temporal scale of habitat selection for large carnivores: Balancing energetics, risk and finding prey

Journal of Animal Ecology, Volume 91, p.182-195 (2022)

large carnivores

Anna C. Nisi, Justin P. Suraci, Nathan Ranc, Laurence G. Frank, Alayne Oriol-Cotterill, Steven Ekwanga, Terrie M. Williams, Christopher C. Wilmers

Temporal partitioning and spatiotemporal avoidance among large carnivores in a human-impacted African landscape

PloS one,e0256876 (2021)

large carnivores

Charlotte E Searle, Josephine B Smit, Jeremy J Cusack, Paolo Strampelli, Ana Grau, Lameck Mkuburo, David W Macdonald, Andrew J Loveridge, Amy J Dickman

Coexistence in an African pastoral landscape: Evidence that livestock and wildlife temporally partition water resources

African Journal of Ecology (2021)


Erin Connolly, James Allan, Peadar Brehony, Alice Aduda, Guy Western, Samantha Russell, Amy Dickman, Peter Tyrrell

Leopard population density varies across habitats and management strategies in a mixed-use Tanzanian landscape

Biological Conservation, Volume 257, May 2021, 109120


Charlotte E Searle, Josephine Smit, Paolo Strampelli, Lameck Mkuburo, Dennis Ikanda, David W Macdonald, Andrew J Loveridge, Amy J Dickman

Density responses of lesser-studied carnivores to habitat and management strategies in southern Tanzania’s Ruaha-Rungwa landscape

 PloS one 16: 0242293 (2021)

other carnivores

Marie Hardouin, Charlotte E Searle, Paolo Strampelli, Josephine Smit, Amy Dickman, Alex L Lobora, J Marcus Rowcliffe

Attracting investment for Africa's protected areas by creating enabling environments for collaborative management partnerships

Biological Conservation 255: 108979 (2021)


P Lindsey, M Baghai, G Bigurube, S Cunliffe, A Dickman, K Fitzgerald, M Flyman, P Gandiwa, B Kumchedwa, A Madope, M Morjan, A Parker, K Steiner, P Tumenta, K Uiseb, A Robson

Soap operas will not wash for wildlife

People and Nature (2021)


Keith Somerville, Amy Dickman, Paul J Johnson, Adam G Hart

Estimating leopard density across the highly modified human-dominated landscape of the Western Cape, South Africa

Oryx 55: 34-45 (2021)


Carolyn H Devens, Matt W Hayward, Thulani Tshabalala, Amy Dickman, Jeannine S McManus, Bool Smuts, Michael J Somers

The importance of tangible and intangible factors in human‐carnivore coexistence

Conservation Biology (2020)

large carnivores

Kim S Jacobsen, Amy J Dickman, David W Macdonald, Susana Mourato, Paul Johnson, Lovemore Sibanda, Andrew J Loveridge

Commercially-driven lion part removal: What is the evidence from mortality records?

Global Ecology and Conservation 24: e01327 (2020)

Spotted hyana

Peter Coals, Amy Dickman, Jane Hunt, Ana Grau, Roseline Mandisodza-Chikerema, Dennis Ikanda, David W Macdonald, Andrew Loveridge

Beyond banning wildlife trade: COVID-19, conservation and development

World Development 136: 105121 (2020)


Dilys Roe, Amy Dickman, Richard Kock, EJ Milner-Gulland, Elizabeth Rihoy

Conserving Africa’s wildlife and wildlands through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond

Nature ecology & evolution 4: 1300-1310 (2020)


Peter Lindsey, James Allan, Peadar Brehony, Amy Dickman, Ashley Robson, Colleen Begg, Hasita Bhammar, Lisa Blanken, Thomas Breuer, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Michael Flyman, Patience Gandiwa, Nicia Giva, Dickson Kaelo, Simon Nampindo, Nyambe Nyambe, Kurt Steiner, Andrew Parker, Dilys Roe, Paul Thomson, Morgan Trimble, Alexandre Caron, Peter Tyrrell

Drivers of leopard (Panthera pardus) habitat use and relative abundance in Africa's largest transfrontier conservation area

Biological Conservation 248: 108649 (2020)


Charlotte E Searle, Dominik T Bauer, M Kristina Kesch, Jane E Hunt, Roseline Mandisodza-Chikerema, Michael V Flyman, David W Macdonald, Amy J Dickman, Andrew J Loveridge

Wars over Wildlife: Green Militarisation and Just War Theory

Conservation & Society 18: 293-297 (2020)


Amy Dickman, Paul Johnson, Peter Coals, Lauren Harrington, Peter Tyrrell, Keith Somerville, Alayne Cotterill, David Whetham

The relative effects of prey availability, anthropogenic pressure and environmental variables on lion (Panthera leo) site use in Tanzania's Ruaha landscape during the dry season

Journal of Zoology 310: 135-144 (2020)

Spotted hyana

Leandro Abade, Jeremy Cusack, Remington J Moll, Paolo Strampelli, Amy J Dickman, David W Macdonald, Robert A Montgomery

Insights into the status and distribution of cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) in an understudied potential stronghold in southern Tanzania

African Journal of Ecology 59: 334-341 (2020)


P Strampelli, C Searle, J Smit, A Grau, P Henschel, A Lobora, N Mitchell, D Macdonald, A Dickman

Threat analysis for more effective lion conservation

Oryx, Published online by Cambridge University Press (2020)

Spotted hyana

Hans Bauer, Amy Dickman, Guillaume Chapron, Alayne Oriol Cotterill, Samantha K. Nicholson, Claudio Sillero Zubiri, Luke Hunter, Peter Lindey and David W. Macdonald

Consequences matter: Compassion in conservation means caring for individuals, populations and species

Animals 9: 1115 (2019)


Paul J Johnson, Vanessa M Adams, Doug P Armstrong, Sandra E Baker, Duan Biggs, Luigi Boitani, Alayne Cotterill, Emma Dale, Holly O’donnell, David JT Douglas, Egil Droge, John G Ewen, Ruth E Feber, Piero Genovesi, Clive Hambler, Bart J Harmsen, Lauren A Harrington, Amy Hinks, Joelene Hughes, Lydia Katsis, Andrew Loveridge, Axel Moehrenschlager, Christopher O’kane, Meshach Pierre, Steve Redpath, Lovemore Sibanda, Pritpal Soorae, Mark Stanley Price, Peter Tyrrell, Alexandra Zimmermann, Amy Dickman

Quantifying the severity of giraffe skin disease via photogrammetry analysis of camera trap data

Journal of wildlife diseases 55: 770-781 (2019)


Arthur B Muneza, Waldemar Ortiz-Calo, Craig Packer, Jeremy J Cusack, Trevor Jones, Meredith S Palmer, Alexandra Swanson, Margaret Kosmala, Amy J Dickman, David W Macdonald, Robert A Montgomery

Trophy Hunting Bans Imperil Biodiversity

Conservation & Wildlife Management, October 2019

Trophy hunting

By Amy Dickman, Rosie Cooney, Paul J. Johnson, Maxi Pia Louis, Dilys Roe and 128 signatories

Conservation geopolitics

Conservation Biology 33: 250-259 (2019)


Timothy Hodgetts, Dawn Burnham, Amy Dickman, Ewan A Macdonald, David W Macdonald

Creating Landscapes of Coexistence

Conservation & Society 17: 204-217 (2019)


Guy Western, David W Macdonald, Andrew J Loveridge, Amy J Dickman

Behavior-specific habitat selection by African lions may promote their persistence in a human-dominated landscape

Ecology volume 100; e02644 (2019)

Spotted hyana

Suraci, J. P., L. G. Frank, A. Oriol-Cotterill, S. Ekwanga, T. M. Williams, and C. C. Wilmers.

Resolving a conservation dilemma: vulnerable lions eating endangered zebras

PloS one 13: e0201983 (2018)

Spotted hyana

Timothy G O’Brien, Margaret F Kinnaird, Steven Ekwanga, Christopher Wilmers, Terrie Williams, Alayne Oriol-Cotterill, Daniel Rubenstein, Laurence G Frank

PNAS Biological Sciences 115 (45) E10788-E10796 (2018)

Spotted hyana

Peter A Lindsey, Jennifer RB Miller, Lisanne S Petracca, Lauren Coad, Amy J Dickman, Kathleen H Fitzgerald, Michael V Flyman, Paul J Funston, Philipp Henschel, Samuel Kasiki, Kathryn Knights, Andrew J Loveridge, David W Macdonald, Roseline L Mandisodza-Chikerema, Sean Nazerali, Andrew J Plumptre, Riko Stevens, Hugo W Van Zyl, Luke TB Hunter

PloS one 13: e0204370 (2018)


Leandro Abade, Jeremy Cusack, Remington J Moll, Paolo Strampelli, Amy J Dickman, David W Macdonald, Robert A Montgomery

Animal Conservation 21: 376-386 (2018)

African wild dog

T Kuiper, AJ Dickman, AE Hinks, C Sillero‐Zubiri, EA Macdonald, DW Macdonald

Improving the role of global conservation treaties in addressing contemporary threats to lions

Biodiversity and conservation 27: 2747-2765 (2018)

Spotted hyana

Timothy Hodgetts, Melissa Lewis, Hans Bauer, Dawn Burnham, Amy Dickman, Ewan Macdonald, David Macdonald, Arie Trouwborst

The Costs and Causes of Human-Cheetah Conflict on Livestock and Game Farms

Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation, Chapter 13: 173-189 (2018)


Amy Dickman, Niki A. Rust, Lorraine K. Boast, Mary Wykstra, Louisa Richmond-Coggan, Rebecca Klein, Moses Selebatso, Maurus Msuha, Laurie Marker 

Use of Livestock Guarding Dogs to Reduce Human-Cheetah Conflict

Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation, Chapter 15: 209-221 (2018)


T Kuiper, AJ Dickman, AE Hinks, C Sillero‐Zubiri, EA Macdonald, DW Macdonald

A sideways look at conservation and consistency in tourism policy

Conservation Biology 32: 744-746 (2018)


Amy Dickman, Craig Packer, Paul J Johnson, David W Macdonald

Learning from the past to prepare for the future: felids face continued threat from declining prey

Ecography 41: 140-152 (2018)

Spotted hyana

Christopher James Sandom, S Faurby, J‐C Svenning, D Burnham, A Dickman, AE Hinks, EA Macdonald, WJ Ripple, J Williams, DW Macdonald

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