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Community Coexistence Training

Lion Landscapes has been working with the Peregrine Fund in Kenya to develop and implement coexistence training, with a focus on empowering people to better protect their livestock and other assets from wildlife damage, and reducing the use of poison in conflict situations. 

This training provides communities with the knowledge they need to better protect their livestock from depredation and understand the human and livestock health risks associated with the misuse of poison to kill predators that threaten their livestock.

Community Coexistence Courses

Livestock husbandry

  • How to better protect their livestock through constructing fortified livestock enclosures

  • Improving daytime herding practices

  • Improving livestock management

Poisoning Awareness

  • Hazards associated with using poisons and secondary poisoning

  • Signs and symptoms of wildlife poisoning

  • Basic information on chemicals commonly used

  • Personal safety and basic equipment required

  • Decontaminating a poisoning site

Each course is a full day and care is taken to include a mix of community members (sexes, age groups and social standing) and include local healthcare workers wherever possible. This approach has already been shown to be an effective way of changing behaviours.

Helping livestock communities to co-exist with lions and protect critically endangered vultures

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