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Our Storybooks

Incentivising and enabling local communities in the conservation of their wildlife is a vital part of our work. Our series of children's books have been created to put the communities who share their landscape with some of the greatest remaining populations of large carnivores at the heart of their own conservation stories, whilst illustrating how wildlife and healthy ecosystems can help them and their families. These stories have great value for education and awareness for international as well as local audiences. 


The first two books, Darem the Lion Defender and Haikya the Hyaena Friend, are now available in the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) webshop (delivery in the UK only) and in the onsite shop at Zoo Knoxville. If you would like a soft copy to use for your work, your school, conservation club, etc please feel free to download a copy here. If you can make a donation so that we can print more copies to distribute to schools in Africa, we would be grateful.

Darem the Lion Defender

Darem the Lion Defender book cover

Darem is a young boy from the Barabaig tribe and lives in Africa where he spends most of this time herding his family's cattle. People say he should be scared of dangerous animals like lions, but Darem starts to think differently as he comes to know and love a small family of lions living on village land. However, he struggles when protecting the lions seems to go against his family and his tribe. Can Darem find a way of helping his lions, his family and his whole community?

Haikya the Hyaena Friend

Haikya the Hyaena Friend book cover

Haikya is a Maasai girl who lives with her mother and sisters. She spends her days looking after the family's cattle but dreams of going to secondary school and making her family more secure. She loves learning about wildlife, and particularly likes vultures and hyaenas. People say that hyaenas are bad and ugly but Haikya knows they can giggle and have big hearts. How can she use her skills to help wildlife and her own family?

Chaona the Forest Champion

Chaona the forest champion book cover

Chaono's whole family depends on the forest. Her father is a charcoal burner, and her mother collects wood for cooking. But Chaona loves the birds and animals that live there, and worries where they will live when trees are cut down. She learns that trees are important; as well as providing shade and homes for her favourite animals, they clean the air that she breathes and can even make rain. How can Chaona find a way to protect the forest and help them all?

Our Storybooks distributed in Africa

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