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Leave a Gift in Your Will

Your Legacy, Their Future

In leaving a legacy to Lion Landscapes, you etch your love for nature into the future, ensuring that the roar of Africa's lions, the swift grace of cheetahs, and the elusive beauty of leopards resonate for generations. Your legacy transcends time, safeguarding these species while empowering communities to coexist peacefully with them. It's a testament to your vision of a world where human-wildlife conflict is replaced with tangible solutions and understanding, protecting both the livelihoods of local people and the precious lives of Africa's carnivores. 

This is your chance to leave a mark that lasts forever, a beacon of hope in the wild heart of Africa. Your gift becomes a testament to your commitment to nature and sustainability.

Why Leave a Legacy?

Your bequest is a powerful tool for conservation, allowing us to continue our crucial work in protecting endangered species and supporting local communities. It's a contribution that extends beyond a lifetime, fostering a balanced ecosystem for future generations.

Types of Legacy Gifts

  • Percentage of Your Estate: Designate a portion of your estate to Lion Landscapes, ensuring a significant impact on conservation efforts.

  • Fixed Sum: Leave a specific sum of money to support our projects directly.

  • Specific Items: Bequeath specific items or assets that can be used or sold to fund our work.

How to Leave a Legacy

Consult a Legal Professional. To ensure your wishes are accurately documented, we recommend seeking legal advice.
Include Lion Landscapes in Your Will: A statement in your will or an addition through a codicil can effectively include Lion Landscapes.

Your legacy will directly contribute to:

Conservation Projects

Ensuring the protection and research of key species and habitats.

Lion Ranger interacting with community members enabling coexistence between carnivores and
Community Empowerment

Supporting sustainable livelihoods and coexistence between communities and wildlife.

Education and Advocacy

Raising awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.

FAQs and Support

We understand that leaving a legacy is a significant decision. Our dedicated team is here to answer any questions and provide support throughout the process.

For Executors

If you are administering an estate with a legacy to Lion Landscapes, please contact us for guidance on the process and how to make the necessary arrangements.

Join us

By including Lion Landscapes in your will, you're not just leaving a gift; you're leaving a legacy that echoes through the African wilderness. Together, we can ensure that the beauty and diversity of Africa's natural world endure for years to come.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your legacy giving options.

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