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We believe organisations should take responsibility for their emissions and are very proud to be the first field conservation group to become 100% climate positive using Lion Carbon. 

What does 100% Climate Positive mean?

Scientists say that humanity must remove more carbon from the air than is being emitted in order to stay under the UN’s global temperature target by 2030; being carbon neutral is not enough. Climate Positive is a step up from carbon neutral; the amount of carbon offsetted is greater than the amount of carbon emitted. Lion Landscapes has gone one step further to be 100% Climate Positive, meaning we are committed to offsetting DOUBLE our carbon emissions. This means the net effect of our existence draws harmful greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere and helps us proactively join the fight against climate change. 

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What is Climate Positive? By Lion Landscapes. Carbon neutrality is completely offsetting your emissions. Climate positive is offsetting more than you release, resulting in a net absorption of CO2. 100% Climate positive is offsetting double the emissions you release.

Reduce your footprint, then offset the remaining emissions

We believe offsetting should always be step 2, with step 1 being our efforts to keep initial carbon emissions as low as possible. Here at Lion Landscapes, we do everything we can to minimise this initial impact. Lion Landscapes Tanzania (Ruaha Carnivore Project) has made a massive push to discontinue the use of charcoal at camp this year. In the past, 6 gigantic bags of charcoal were used every month, which has now dropped to ZERO! Lion Landscapes Kenya also have no charcoal in camp and have gone solar, stopping their reliance on fuel for generators on all but the rainiest days.

Many daily activities - such as using electricity, driving a car, or disposing of waste - cause greenhouse gas emissions. Together these emissions make up a household or organisations’ carbon footprint. Everyone's carbon footprint is different depending on their location, habits, and personal choices. Our operational emissions from things like vehicle fuel, camp electricity, fire wood and any staff flights were calculated across all our field sites. You can calculate your own footprint, wherever you are in the world, by visiting the online carbon footprint calculator and selecting your country. 

Not all offsets are equal

Once we had calculated our footprint, we purchased carbon offsets to draw in DOUBLE this amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon emissions can be offset in two main ways: reforestation, or reduced deforestation. The offsets we purchase from BioCarbon Partners (BCP) are a premium Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) certified Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) called ‘Lion Carbon’. Avoided deforestation is essential for protecting mature biodiverse forests that would take centuries to replant and mature. 


Community protected forest storing carbon dioxide and providing REDD+ Lion Carbon offsets. Photo credit: Ed Selfe Photography.

Protect, monitor and regenerate wildlife

Not all carbon offsets are equal, and choosing a carbon offset which has real climate, community and biodiversity impacts can be difficult. BCP’s carbon offsets are already verified as triple gold standard by the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance due to their exceptional income generation for local communities, and forest protection achievements. Lion Carbon premium offsets have been developed by BCP in partnership with Lion Landscapes to add community-based activities that protect, monitor and regenerate wildlife populations in BCP’s REDD+ forests. As well as climate benefits, income from our Lion Carbon purchase supports local communities, protects important habitats for wildlife, and protects the wildlife itself, including large carnivores like lion, leopard and spotted hyena!


Lion, leopard and spotted hyena, captured on our wildlife monitoring camera trap surveys in BCP's REDD+ forests.

Do a ton of good for our planet

Climate change is a global problem that requires individual action. Every person reading has the power to do a ton of good for our planet and each other. If you are thinking of offsetting our own Carbon footprint, consider using Lion Carbon for our planet and wildlife.


Thank you for joining our climate positive fight and supporting the work of Lion Landscapes!

Lioness living in Lion Carbon protected forest. Photo credit: Ed Selfe Photography.

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