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Corporate Giving


We believe in a future where humans and large carnivores coexist harmoniously across Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia. You can support our mission by partnering with us!

By partnering with Lion Landscapes, your company doesn’t just support a cause; it becomes an integral part of a movement to preserve our planet's natural heritage. Join us in creating a lasting legacy for wildlife and communities in Africa. Let's work together for a future where both people and wildlife thrive.

Benefits of Partnership

Tailored Partnership Opportunities

We offer diverse ways to get involved, from employee fundraising activities and gifts in kind to sponsorship opportunities. We work with you to create a partnership that aligns with your company’s objectives and values.

Visibility and Recognition

Partners receive acknowledgement through various channels, including our website, reports, and events. This visibility showcases your commitment to conservation and can enhance your company’s reputation.

Engaging Experiences

We provide unique engagement opportunities for your employees, such as webinars and educational talks. These experiences are not only rewarding but also enlightening, offering insights into the importance of wildlife conservation.

Reporting and Impact Measurement

We believe in transparency and will provide detailed reports on how your support is making a difference. This includes updates on conservation projects, impact metrics, and stories of change.

Customized CSR Strategies

Our team can assist in developing or enhancing your CSR strategies, ensuring that your conservation goals are met effectively and sustainably.

Let's explore some thrilling opportunities that await your company!

Payroll Giving:
Empower Every Paycheck for Conservation

Payroll Giving

Imagine if every paycheck could contribute to the survival of lions, cheetahs, and leopards! With Payroll Giving, this becomes a reality. It's a simple yet powerful way for your employees to make a small but steady contribution. This effortless approach means everyone in your company can become a hero for wildlife conservation, one paycheck at a time.

Wildlife Lottery:
Win Big for Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Lottery

Inject some fun and excitement into your office with a Wildlife Lottery! Employees can buy tickets for a chance to win fabulous prizes, with all proceeds supporting Lion Landscapes. It's not just a lottery; it's an adventure into the heart of conservation, where every ticket brings us closer to preserving the majestic beauty of Africa's ecosystems.

Safari Ball:
A Night of Elegance
for the Wild

Payroll Giving

Step into an evening of purpose with a Safari Ball. Dress up for a night that's not just about fine dining and dancing but also about making a meaningful impact on wildlife conservation. The Safari Ball is an excellent opportunity for networking, brand visibility, and demonstrating your company's commitment to environmental stewardship, wrapped up in an unforgettable evening.

Why Wait? The Wilderness Calls!

These fundraising ideas are just the beginning. By partnering with Lion Landscapes, your company will not only support crucial conservation efforts but also enjoy a journey filled with engagement, excitement, and purpose.

Contact Cheryl Brown to start your partnership journey today!

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