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Every dollar helps us reach our 2021 goal of $500,000

Lion Landscapes is a registered UK Charity (No. 1190168)

In partnership with The Peregrine Fund, we focus on protecting community livelihoods, vultures and lions, through our

Lion Rangers, Community Coexistence Training and

Collaring for Coexistence programs.

Lion Rangers

The heroes on the ground who save wild lions by helping local communities to better protect their livestock, prevent human-wildlife conflict and assist when incidences occur. 

Community Coexistence Training

Reduce the incidences of poisoning in response to livestock loss by informing local communities about the human and livestock health risks of using poison. These trainings are run by The Peregrine Fund.

Collaring for Coexistence

Provides conservation livestock owners with real-time lion movement information from GPS collars via a mobile phone app and testing new technologies that protect livelihoods and lions.

Lion Carbon

A scalable and sustainable biodiversity conservation model, which links payment to local communities in return for long-term wildlife and habitat protection agreements. First project in Zambia.


Our focus is to better understand the challenges lions face living in landscapes shared with humans and their livestock.

Wildlife Monitoring

Without a system of monitoring, conservation managers have no way of showing the impacts of their actions. Monitoring allows us to measure how practices affect their goals.



Donate and support one of our programs
By forming strategic partnerships and co-funding activities to tackle shared goals, we make our programs scalable and sustainable. We now manage conservation activities over 10,000 sq.m2 of important lion habitat with an annual Lion Landscapes budget of less than US$500,000. This budget has been reduced due to the impact of Covid-19 on our operations and this budget will allow us to consolidate our activities for during these difficult times.

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Any amount will be gratefully received but below are examples of current requirements:

$ 50

Buy field boots for a Lion Ranger

$ 100

Buy a GPS or binoculars for a Lion Ranger

$ 200

Buy a waterproof / shatterproof smart phone for a Lion Ranger

$ 400

Buy the equipment for one Lion Ranger Unit

$ 500

Buy a computer for our Research  & Monitoring Team

$ 1,850

Provide Community Coexistence Training for 15 people

$ 5,000

Buy and deploy a Lion GPS collar, and monitor for 1 year

$ 1,250

Support a Lion Ranger for 1 year (Training, equipment and management)

$ 7,500

Support 1 Lion Ranger Unit for 1 year 

$ 25,000

Buy a much needed field vehicle

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UK Registered Charity No: 1190168