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Support Lion Landscapes
Every dollar helps us reach our 2023 goal of $1,250,000

By forming strategic partnerships and co-funding activities to tackle shared goals, we make our programmes scalable and sustainable. We now manage conservation activities across 10,000km2 of important lion habitat in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.

Support our Programmes

Our goal is to engage and empower people to gain meaningful value from wildlife conservation, enabling better coexistence and helping to support the healthy landscapes that are so vital to wildlife conservation. All donations go directly to support the programmes we run to achieve this.

Become a Champion

Lion Landscapes Champions are people and companies who commit to make recurring donations to support our work to save wild lions and other large carnivores, promote coexistence and support local livelihoods. Find out more about the benefits of joining our Lion Landscapes Champions Network.

US Tax donations through our fiscal sponsor

Lion Landscapes has partnered with Empowers Africa in order to provide a cost-effective solution to fundraising in the United States by acting as our fiscal sponsor. Any donations made here will be granted to Lion Landscapes.

Any amount will be gratefully received but below are examples of current requirements:

rangers tracking lion spoor
$ 50

Buy field boots for a Lion Ranger

Lion Ranger kit
$ 100

Buy a GPS or binoculars for a Lion Ranger

Rugged mobile ohone for lion ranger
$ 200

Buy a waterproof/shatterproof smart phone for a Lion Ranger

Lion renger equipment
$ 400

Buy the equipment for one Lion Ranger Unit

Wildlife monitoring equipment
$ 500

Buy a computer for our Research  & Monitoring Team

Training Nolare Community Group
$ 1,850

Provide 1 Community Coexistence Training for 15 people

Kenya Wildlife Service Vet with lion collar
$ 5,000

Buy and deploy a Lion GPS collar, and monitor for 1 year

Lion ranger protecting livestock
$ 1,250

Support a Lion Ranger for 1 year (Training, equipment and management)

Team members of lion ranger unit
$ 7,500

Support 1 Lion Ranger Unit for 1 year 

4x4 vehicle lion landscapes
$ 25,000

Buy a much needed field vehicle

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