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Lion Rangers, Lion Defenders or Community Scouts?


Meet the Lion Rangers of Laikipia, Kenya! 


In partnership with the ranches and conservancies of Laikipia,

men and women on the ground are selected and specially trained to help save wild lions by tracking lion movements, helping communities better protect their livestock from attacks by lions and working to stop the use of poisonous pesticides.⁠  

Laikipia is home to almost 300 lions and 46 Lion Rangers currently protect lions and livestock across 9 different wildlife ranches and conservancies, covering appr. 111,250Ha, working with local communities and livestock owners, to protect Local Livelihoods, Lions and Landscapes.

The Lion Ranger program is part of the Coexistence Co-op, a partnership with The Peregrine Fund.


Meet the Lion Defenders of Ruaha, Tanzania! 


Lion Defenders are all trained Lion Guardians by Ruaha Carnivore Project (with Panthera and Lion Guardians). This is a culturally appropriate warrior engagement programme, allowing young men to fulfil traditional warrior roles and receive benefits and status, but from lion conservation instead of lion killing. 


17 Warriors are employed as Lion Defenders to patrol large areas home to approximately 60 lions and warn the communities of any lion nearby and chase them away, retrieve lost livestock and reinforce livestock enclosures. This all lessens retaliatory killings of lions whilst gaining them traditional warrior status

in the community.


Meet the Community Scouts of Luangwa Valley, Zambia! 


In Zambia we have partnered with BioCarbon Partners to develop Lion Carbon - a scalable and sustainable biodiversity conservation model, which links payment to local communities in return for long-term wildlife and habitat protection agreements.


105 Community scouts are paramount to safeguarding the wildlife habitat through community based anti-poaching and wildlife management efforts of close to 1 million hectares of prime lion habitat. Lion Carbon holistically addresses the main threats to lions, their prey and their habitats by giving wildlife value to local communities. 


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