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Lion Landscapes in the media

Here you can find news about Lion Landscapes and our partners.

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Meet inspiring PANORAMA Solution Providers

Lion Landscapes' PANORAMA Solution "Community camera-trapping: an innovative way of empowering communities through conservation" was one of the 3 finalists of the Technology category of the Pathfinder Award 2021. Cécile Fattebert of the IUCN Protected and Conserved Areas team interviews Amy Dickman and Alayne Oriol Cotterill about this programme and our conservation work in general.

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Human-Wildlife Conflict & Coexistence Case Studies by IUCN

The IUCN SSC Human-Wildlife Conflict & Coexistence Specialist Group in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has developed a set of case studies with the aim of covering the process projects have taken to understand, plan and address various aspects of a human-wildlife conflict situation. 

This case-study covers Lion Landscapes' work of co-developing a programme that delivers benefits to communities living with wildlife.

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Why hunting animals could be good for conservation

Trophy hunting sparks outrage around the world. But the highly controversial sport can actually help to protect some of Africa's most endangered big animals.

Lion landscapes' joint CEO Amy Dickman was interviewed by The Economist in this short documentary on trophy hunting, highlighting that is a far more complex issue than it is portrayed.

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Bradt, The Travel Club, April 2021

Community Camera Trapping in Tanzania

Conservation biologist
Dr Amy Dickman on the success of this innovative and inclusive approach to encouraging human-wildlife co-existence on village land.

Article in Bradt Magazine, The Travel Club, April 2021

BBC Coexistence Coop interview

Endangered vultures

BBC, 3rd of March, 2021

Out of 11 vulture species found in Africa, 7 are on the verge of extinction. 

Poisoning has been cited as the major cause of the vulture population decline over the past 3 decades stemming from numerous incidences of human wildlife conflicts. 

Dr. Darcy Ogada talks to the BBC  about how the Coexistence Co-op project tries to reduce human wildlife conflict.

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17-18 September 2019, University of Nairobi

Ewaso Lions, Kenya Wildlife Trust and Uvumbuzi Africa organise their first conservation symposium at the University of Nairobi's Chiromo Campus on the 17th and 18th of September. Theme: How complex conservation problems are solved. Open for all students.


TV programme

CNN Call to Earth - Tribal warriors become lion defenders

Many big cat species are facing devastating declines from climate change, habitat destruction, poaching and human-wildlife conflict. But across the world, conservationists are dedicating their lives to preserving these iconic predators.

Lion Landscapes' work in Tanzania's Ruaha landscape, along with that of other organisations, is featured in CNN Call to Earth Protecting the planet's big cats. 

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Heron Allen Lecture

Warriors, Wildlife & Women - Big Cat Conservation in Tanzania & Beyond

Lecture by Professor Amy Dickman at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, march 2022. 


Amy Dickman has worked for over 20 years in African conservation. During this talk she provides fascinating insights into the challenges of achieving conservation impacts against a backdrop of hostility, poverty and mythology. She highlights and demonstrates the need for innovative, collaborative approaches to deliver better conservation outcomes.



Keeping animals wild vs ‘safe’ should be prioritized, lion biologists argue

Despite growing media and public pressure to ‘sanitize’ the wild, the priority for conservation should always be keeping populations and areas wild above keeping individual animals safe, six leading lion conservationists argue.

Read commentary on Mongabay by Pride Lion Conservation Alliance, May 14th, 2021.


Amy Dickman: Lions, Celebrities, Hunting & Evidence

Lions, Celebrities, Hunting & Evidence

Lion conservation scientist Amy Dickman on the myth of self-sustaining conservation in Africa, getting death threats from trophy hunting opponents and the false choice between evidence & emotion in science communication.

Podcast Science+Story, March 2021

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Times Christmas Appeal 

12th December 2020

Tusk was chosen as one of the three charities supported by The Times and The Sunday Times Christmas Appeal this year.  

The Lion Ranger Programme of Lion Landscapes was one of the beneficiaries of this appeal and was featured in this article on the 12th of December 2020.



CNN Call to Earth - Meet Tanzania's Lion Defenders: the hunters-turned-conservationists of the Barabaig tribe

As a traditional pastoral community, livestock is vital to the Barabaig, but around Ruaha National Park, lions threaten their animals, their livelihoods, and sometimes even their lives. 

The key to Lion Landscapes' conservation work in this landscape is changing the Barabaig perception of lions and empower local communities so that they see a benefit from conservation. 

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Tooth and Claw: Lions

BBC Discovery

Children in the West probably recognise a lion before they can name the animals in their own back yards. But what about people who have lions roaming in their back yards literally? Professor Adam Hart talks to Dr Moreangels Mbizah and Dr Amy Dickman who have spent much of their lives working and living in lion country, helping to manage the wildlife conflicts that are becoming a threat to both humans and beasts.

The Nature of Biodiversity: Involving Lo

World Earth Day

The Nature of Biodiversity: Involving Local Stakeholders For Global Change.

The effective protection of local biodiversity can be found at the crossroads of community engagement, technical capacity and political will. 


April’s Forum Lab showcased projects that combine real ambition with strong commitment from local communities for the protection of local biodiversity. Listen to panelist Dimitri Syrris, CEO of our innovation partner Boatree.

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Wildlife, Warriors & Women

Oxford University Museum of Natural History, 8th of March, 2021

Join us in celebration of International Women’s Day for this interactive talk and Q+A event to hear Dr. Amy Dickman reflect on the essential, driving role that women have played in the conservation of lions and other large carnivores both in communities across Africa and within the dedicated group of female scientists that make up ‘'The Pride Lion Alliance'.

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Thursday 19th September 2019

Dr Alayne Cotterill and Dr Amy Dickman talk about Lions, Leadership and Local Communities. Join us at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

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