Catching up with Lion Landscapes

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July 2022

  • Strengthening Knowledge Sharing Between our Project Areas

  • Building Local Understanding of Tanzania’s Large Carnivores

  • Field Course: Human-Wildlife Coexistence and Savanna Ecology

  • Sharing Knowledge with Conservationists in DRC

  • Lion Friendly Livestock Certification Kick-Off

  • Collared Lion Settles in Meru National Park

Dr Goodluck injecting the antidote to wake up the hyena after placing the collar.jpeg

October 2021

  • Launch of our first Conservation Contract

  • New Programme: the Lion Extension Officers

  • One more Spotted Hyaena collared in village land

  • The fate of lions and vultures is intricately linked

  • Human-Wildlife Conflict work continues in Rufiji District

  • Community Camera-Trapping generates record points in Zambia

  • Meet the team: Grace Mainaa 

LEO (Mary) with Amy & Alayne, Ewaso, Laikipia - March 2022_2.jpg

April 2022

  • The Role of LEOs in Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation

  • Unexpected Benefits of a Canvas Boma

  • Simba Scholarship Selection 2022

  • Stephano Asecheka - Disney Conservation Hero

  • Human-Wildlife Conflict & Coexistence Case Studies

  • Counting Cats – Insights from new Lion Landscapes Research

Mafuluto village

July 2021

  • New Lion Defenders and Conflict Officers in in Ruaha

  • Collaring two lions in Laikipia

  • The Community Scouts in Rufunsa Go Digital

  • Tracking Lion Movements to prevent predation and conflict

  • Protecting Cattle and Livelihoods

  • Lion Lights as a prevention tool 

  • Engaging the youth

  • Batteries and medicines for the JAZ village cluster

  • Lion Carbon - Hear from the Community Beneficiaries

  • Preparing for Selous survey

  • Camera Traps Deployed for Brand New Survey in Zambia

The Selous ecological survey team.jpeg

January 2022

  • Sharing ideas across landscapes

  • TAWIRI Conference

  • Unlocking the value of wildlife in the Ruaha Landscape

  • Landscape-scale assessment of large carnivores in Selous GR

  • Outreach programme in the Selous Landscape

  • Collaring lions on Mugie conservancy, Laikipia 

  • First LEOs trained

  • Research into alternative finance mechanisms


April 2021

  • Welcome Karisia to the Lion Ranger Programme

  • Rapid Response in COVID

  • Keeping Communities Safe with CHAT

  • Ten New Laikipia Lion Rangers Join the Team

  • Locust Swarms have returned to Kenya

  • Biodiversity Monitoring Surveys in Zambia