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The Luangwa Valley Landscape in Zambia

About the Luangwa Valley

Located in eastern Zambia, with relatively near borders to Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, the Luangwa Valley and mid-Zambezi ecosystems together cover over 70,000 km2 of largely unfenced wilderness area. The Luangwa Valley is an important area for connectivity between South Luangwa National Park, the Luano Valley and Lower Zambezi National Park, and associated Trans-Frontier Conservation Areas into Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The area is home to a wide array of species, including the endemic Luangwa Giraffe and Cookson’s Wildebeest, over 450 species of birds, a globally important hippo population, and Zambia’s largest population of lions, leopards and African wild dogs

Luangwa landscape

Lion Landscapes’ operations are currently carried out in partnership with BioCarbon Partners, focusing on biodiversity monitoring in their REDD+ community forests and in partnership with private wildlife ranch owners and communities in the central area of the valley.

With almost 1,000,000 hectares of prime wildlife habitat included in the BCP REDD+ projects, we are working to create one of the largest biodiversity corridors in Africa

  • Connecting four Key Landscapes for Conservation; and

  • Securing one of the last 6 remaining lion legacy landscapes on the planet.

Lions are a flagship species for conservation success in Africa; their presence indicative of healthy, biodiverse ecosystems.

Wildlife in the Luangwa Valley landscape

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