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Our mission is to make large carnivore conservation valuable to local and global communities.

Our Approach

Lion Landscapes believes in creating a world where large carnivores are an asset to the local people who live alongside them. When the value of wildlife, right up to these top predators, can be unlocked and realised, both people and nature will benefit. We believe that positive value is developed through three interrelated areas of action. 

Stop the loss

Stop the Loss

We stop the loss of wildlife and habitat so it remains to be valued.

Reduce the cost

Reduce the Cost

We reduce the cost of large carnivore presence to reduce the pressure on local people.

Increase the benefits

Increase the Benefits

We increase local benefits tied to the presence of large carnivores and other wildlife.

Our Programmes

We are committed to developing community-based solutions to enable better coexistence between people and wildlife, particularly large carnivores. We integrate local knowledge and experience with world-class science to deliver effective, evidence-based conservation. Our collaborative, locally-driven approach allows us to create lasting solutions for both people and wildlife, helping support large, diverse landscapes

Where we work

Lion Landscapes works in critical habitats where there is an opportunity to make a real difference in conserving populations of lions and other large carnivores while also improving human well-being.

Species we protect

We work on five large carnivore species: lion, leopard, cheetah, African wild dog and spotted hyaena. These apex predators represent wildlife and the wider ecosystem. Learn more about their IUCN Status, estimated range loss and population status and the key threats they face.

Leopard ecologlic research selous

Help us  to make an impact

Join us on our journey to make large carnivore conservation valuable across the globe. Your support forms the foundation of our collective achievement, paving a path rich with innovation, empowerment, and transformative progress. To expand our reach, elevate our goals, and enhance our impact, we need you! Your contribution is the key that transforms potential into reality, ideas into actions, and aspirations into palpable results. By supporting us, you become an agent of change, shaping a better future for our planet. Support us today and embody the change you envision for the world.


Lion Landscapes is affiliated with WildCRU at the University of Oxford.

The partnership takes various forms, including hosting WildCRU research students, contributing to the WildCRU Diploma programme, and engaging in cross-site training and partnership with other WildCRU projects. WildCRU also holds some of our research-related grants. This partnership has been valuable in enabling our high-quality research.

University of Oxford

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