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Lion Rangers Go Digital

The El Karama Lion Rangers Learning how to use SMART

Lion Rangers Learning how to use SMART

In January 2019 Lion Landscapes started using a mobile phone application to collect data and report incidences in the field. The APP is called SMART.

We use SMART (Spatial Monitoring And Reporting Tool) with the Cybertracker plugin which allows data to be collected with an easy-to-use interface. This set-up enables Lion Landscapes to measure, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of current conservation activities. The application has a specialised model built to collect data based on the Lion landscapes requirements to mitigate human-wildlife conflict.

In particular, Lion Landscapes collects data on collared lion movement and habits, wildlife sightings, poisoning events, dead animal sightings, illegal activity, fence breakages and human-wildlife conflict. The application is used to record the Rangers boma visits and the resulting livestock husbandry advice given in each situation.

The El Karama Guides practicing the new data collection technique

During our recent Lion Ranger training we introduced SMART to the Lion Rangers and provided each of the teams with extremely durable mobile phones to use. Each phone has an inbuilt GPS system which makes it easy to track the Lion ranger’s movements and observations. This means for every data entry, we have a reliable GPS location. The mobile phones are also equipped with cameras so the rangers can visually record any observations.

The previous method of data collection was in the form of paper reports and word of mouth both of which are time-consuming and much more difficult to keep track of. With the use of SMART and Cybertracker data collection and analysis will become much more efficient and make it much easier to report back to all the stakeholders and landowners in the area.

Lion Rangers using SMART to collect data

For more information on how we use SMART and Cybertracker please do not hesitate to contact

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