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Taking Stock

It is important for us as a team to take a moment, take a breath and take stock of what we have achieved. This helps us to focus and  stay motivated while moving in the right direction.

Recently, the pathways 2020 conference was held in Nairobi by Pride Lion Conservation Alliance. During the conference, a lot of focus was placed on mindfulness, self care and appreciation. This was a new direction for a conservation conference where the norm is a sense of gloom and doom, and lack of time to have real lasting impacts - causing a lot of eco-anxiety. Eco-anxiety is a recognised disorder, and defined as "a chronic fear of environmental doom".

In order to prevent eco-anxiety, it is important to recognise that we are making a difference, we are having a positive impact and we will continue to do so. The coexistence coop team has had a long and stressful 2019 with vehicle breakdowns, flooded houses and other field complications ...but we have achieved a lot!

Check out this slideshow which highlights our achievements, since we started the Coexistence Co-op at the beginning of 2019.

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