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How Can I Support Lion Landscapes?

Discover how to stand up for lions, join our community, interact with our work, and tell the world!

With just a few clicks, you can make a big difference to the lives of African lions and those living beside them. Today, African lions are classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN, with only 20.000 lions left in the wild, more than half of these wild lions remaining live in unprotected rangelands, shared with people and livestock. We work to protect all those people and wildlife living in lion landscapes, and our dedicated team of scientists, field biologists, researchers, rangers, and team in the field do an inspiring job. But to continue with this work we're dependent on your support!

There are numerous ways you can help us, including those at no cost to you, so we thought we’d put them all in one place! Please read on to learn how you can support our programmes and help us save wild lions and promote coexistence.

Shop Our Brand New Kids for Cubs Merchandise

Bring African wildlife into your life by shopping products from our sustainable Lion Landscapes range in our brand new shop. We're now introducing the "Kids for Cubs" line for little humans. The perfect birthday present or baby shower gift for any nature and animal lover in the making! Every purchase promotes human-wildlife coexistence, supporting real-life conservation efforts by Lion Landscapes, helping to save vulnerable African lions whilst protecting community livelihoods in Africa. Look good, feel good!

Shopping online in the UK: Amazon Smile and PayPal Giving

It’s never been easier to support us when you shop online in the UK. For all our supporters who use, please use next time you shop and select Lion Landscapes as the charity of your choice. Every eligible purchase you make will result in a donation of 0.5% of the net purchase price to Lion Landscapes at no extra cost to you!

It’s just as easy to support us when you pay with PayPal. Simply visit our Paypal page, scroll down and click to 'set as favourite charity' (above donation amounts) to turn the heart red. Once we are your favourite charity you can click to donate £1 when you checkout with @PayPal.

Be a Lion Hero and set up your own fundraiser

Have a birthday coming up, or just fancy running a race with purpose? Be a lion hero and create a Lion Landscapes Facebook fundraiser for your next athletic event or special occasion and raise money to support our conservation efforts.

For the tech-savvy... Visit WildCards to “Buy” Jangili or Narok

Lion Landscapes has partnered with WildCards to release two cards: Narok, our oldest monitored lioness and collared lion, and Jangili. At Wildcards, you can become the guardian of various animals, earn badges and rewards, and help support conservation on a global scale. Why do you need to be tech-savvy for this? Well, you have to pay with cryptocurrency!

Donate Directly

By donating directly to Lion Landscapes, you are providing vital funds that are 100% used to support on the ground conservation projects. You can support our Collaring for Coexistence Programme with The Peregrine Fund at our donate page. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, we do our utmost to help local communities in Laikipia co-exist with large carnivores. This video explains how we have adapted our programs to do so.

Sign up to Befriend A Ranger

As the pandemic continues to decimate conservation funds generated through the tourism industry, we are joining forces with the Ruaha Carnivore Project and BioCarbon Partners to raise funds for rangers across these programmes. Together, these heroes protect over 1 million hectares of prime lion landscape. For less than £1 a week, you can sign up to Befriend a Ranger and support these men and women protecting Livelihoods, Lions and Landscapes. Your donations can help provide vital kit, vehicle maintenance, ranger meals and even fund tracking patrols! Plus, you will receive a certificate and regular updates from your friends in the field.

Buy Specific Essential Items for Lion Rangers

Visit our amazon wishlist to buy essential field items. All these items, from backpacks to binoculars, help our field teams to continue protecting lions and local livelihoods.

At checkout, choose the displayed Gift Registry Address of Lion Landscapes and we’ll make sure the products get to the field as soon as possible. Please include your email address on the gift slip so that we can thank you!

Lion Ranger using his bottle, hat and backpack in the field.

Tell the world!

You can raise awareness of the problems lions are facing by sharing our research with your family and friends. Join the conversation, comment your thoughts and questions. Save, like and share our posts and invite your friends on social media to like us too.

This easy to do action is incredibly important to help us reach more people and raise awareness. Sharing is caring!

And Keep Exploring!

Keep learning about lions and stay up to date with our research and programmes by browsing our website and social media pages. Last but not least, join our community and sign up to our newsletter!

Thank you for your continuous support. If you have any questions about one of these ways to support us, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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