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Looking back at the Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2020

Thomas Mojong - Conservation and Research Officer

"The challenge was such a great event. It was the first time I have ever done something like this in my life as a Lion Ranger. I felt happy to be a part of the Laikipia Lion Ranger team, and that I managed myself to run with my bag of 22kg and finish the race. The challenge was not easy, but the feeling that my efforts have been rewarded made me enjoy it.

It was important for my work because I was able to organise all the Lion Rangers from the different ranches across Laikipia to participate in this challenge. I enjoyed coming together with the Lion Rangers and joining them in every challenge."

Boniface Lowoi - Loisaba Lion Rangers

"I am Boniface Lowoi, head Lion Ranger in Laikipia. On behalf of the Lion Rangers at Loisaba Conservancy, I want to take this opportunity to thank all our colleagues, our employers and the whole Tusk team that sat down and came up with the incredible idea of a Wildlife Ranger Challenge. This showed the teamwork of all the Rangers across the world, and that we are together as one."

What the challenge was 

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge was an incredible initiative coordinated by TUSK, where 50+ Ranger Teams across Africa came together to complete a series of challenges to raise funds for their vital on-the-ground conservation work. 

In the series of mini-challenges, the Rangers completed the maximum number of push-ups, sit-ups and burpees in 2 minutes, to then test their knowledge in the Ranger Quiz! Finally, on October 3rd, the Laikipia Lion Rangers joined over 50 Ranger teams in running a half-marathon, carrying their typical 22kg rucksack.

We are so proud that this race was won by The Loisaba Lion Rangers in a fantastic time of just 2 hours 21 minutes! 

How much we have raised

We have been blown away by everyone’s continued support. After an intensive two months, we are so happy to announce we have raised nearly £8,000, thanks to the incredibly generous Scheinberg Relief Fund who matched all donations made through our JustGiving Page. They did this by:

1) donating 25% directly to our project, which means that we reached our goal of £5,000 pounds to help provide the salaries, equipment, and support for the Lion Rangers so they can continue their vital conservation work,  and by

2) donating another 75% to go to those wildlife ranger projects in Africa that need it mosts. This means another donation of £2,900!

We are so grateful to every single one of our 89 supporters and to TUSK for making this all possible. 

Another huge thank you goes to @Larawildlife for raising awareness of our campaign and stepping up to walk alongside the Rangers on October 3rd from the UK, carrying a 25kg rucksack.

What this money is going towards

Your support is appreciated now more than ever. COVID-19 has created a perfect storm for human-carnivore conflict in Laikipia. A lack of employment and food security in vulnerable communities has reduced human resilience to livestock predation losses. At the same time, a complete stop to tourism and event related funding has reduced the resources available for Laikipia's Lion Rangers to respond.

The £5000 raised from this campaign will go directly to the Laikipia ranches and conservancies to fund the salaries and equipment of the Lion Rangers. 

The Laikipia Lion Rangers are a partnership between Lion Landscapes and Laikipia Ranches and Conservancies. These Lion Rangers are specially trained and equipped to track lion movements, help local livestock owners protect their livestock from lions and other large carnivores, and so facilitate coexistence between local people and all large carnivores. With this support, the Laikipia Lion Rangers can continue to protect local livelihoods and wild lions, ensuring Laikipia remains a Lion Landscape - supporting people and lions - for future generations. 

To keep up to date on our partnership work in lion conservation and research in Africa, subscribe to our newsletter.

If you want to continue to support us in our mission to protect wild lions and community livelihoods in Laikipia, you can set up regular donations here.

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