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Well done to the Laikipia Lion Rangers!

Last chance to donate to the Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2021

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge organised by Trust Trust took place last Saturday. It was a competitive race with over 150 teams from across Africa. The fantastic teams of Laikipia Lion Rangers held their own and came in with some really great times. As Lion Landscapes we are so proud of all the Laikipia Lion Ranger teams and grateful to the ranches and conservancies they represent.

This was the second year of the Wildlife Ranger Challenge, which is organised by Tusk Trust to support Africa's rangers, allowing them to continue the vital work they do to protect wildlife, people and the precious natural landscapes of Africa.

Meet some of the Laikipia Lion Ranger teams who took part in this gruelling 21km race below. Not only did they carry 22 kg backpacks while running this distance, they were running through incredibly tough terrain on the conservancies and ranches they work on. Traversing this kind of terrain is all part and parcel of their daily lives but not at a run. The Lion Rangers all trained hard for this race, showing impressive dedication on top of their daily work.

Lion Landscapes is so thankful for the donations received so far that will support our work, and particularly these Lion Rangers.

There is still time to show your support for their incredible efforts.

Thank You!


Sosian Lion Rangers - the fastest Laikipia Lion Ranger team

Ol Maisor Lion Rangers - coming in 12th overall

"The race was very tough and tiring.... we tried our level best and we enjoyed the race even though one of us was injured by thorn but we made it. We thank our management for their support for being with us at the ground from the start to the end and we thank Lion Landscape as well." Nicholas of Ol Maisor

Mugie Lion Rangers

"The race was tough especially due to the terrain and mud. We would wish to encourage other rangers to partake on the Challenge next time. Looking forward to next years Challenge" Samuel Losike of Mugie

Borana Lion Rangers

Karisia Lion Rangers

Mpala Lion Rangers

"The rangers were very enthusiastic about the run. We started with the full team hoping that if someone would drop along the way during the practice, we still had the minimum of four rangers, but all six managed to go to the end." Mpala Ranch

For the full results of the Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2021 check the website.

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